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The Megan Show

Yet Another Icon Journal

17 December 1987
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The Megan Show
Welcome to themeganshow - the personal graphics journal of crazy_megan. I'm a 19 year old Canadian, currently living spending my third year of university on an exchange in Sweden. At university I major in History, with a minor in theatre.

I enjoy many different fandoms - in particular The Office, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Torchwood and Lost. From time to time I also like to make non-fandom icons. Those icons are usually made from pictures I find on Cuteoverload.com or are completely random.
The Rules
1. Please do not Hotlink any of the images I post. Doing so steals bandwidth. It's very easy to save the picture to your computer and upload it to your own server. I recommend uploading it to a site like Photobucket, or even the Livejournal scrapbook function.

2. Please remember to credit themeganshow when taking any of the graphics. It's an easy to do and helps direct the curious back to me should they see something they like.

3. Textless are not bases unless specifically stated. Please do not alter them.

4. Comments and feedback are always appreciated.

5. Enjoy! :)
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